Tour description

area are considered as the metropolitan area with most Michelin starred restaurants per habitant in the world.

We are also going to take the visitors to places known only to the guide and also to the private txokos or Gastronomic Societies (members only eating club): sanctuaries of popular gastronomy, where we will be preparing the day’s menu.

Finally, to our stay in the Rioja region, we have added the option of a half-day spent learning about the world of olive oil, ending the visit with olive oil tasting and sampling of tapas featuring olive oil.


On this journey, we will be travelling through a wide range of scenic beauty. From the vast expanse of hundreds of hectares of vineyards bordering

both sides of the Garonne River, we arrive on the charming Basque Coast with its fishing harbors and beaches of all shapes and sizes. From Biarritz to Bilbao, we pass through San Sebastián, we visit areas classified and protected by UNESCO such as the Urdaibai Biosphere; the mountains and farms of the interior where we can make out small white dots which seem to have been scattered as decoration on the scenery but which are, in fact, flocks of sheep.

Finally, we head into the interior, to the other great winegrowing region where the vineyards are planted on undulating lands, where the silhouettes of vanguard constructions rise up to surprise the visitor.

With such variety in so small a space, the travellers will be under the impression that instead of a region, they have visited a continent, all in a radius of less than 300 kilometers.