Chateau et Vignes

Tour description

The route/tour we have designed is outstanding for combining, in one single itinerary, two of the regions of Europe which hold the greatest variety of tourist attractions. We find ourselves in a stunning natural setting which brings together sea and mountains, history and culture - manifest in the architectural landmarks which have been declared World Heritage Sites – and which leads us to two of the most important wine growing regions in the world, regions which also boast an exceptional gastronomy, internationally acclaimed and recognized by the Michelin Guide.

There are three basic precepts upon which our tour is based:

culture, gastronomy, the sea & landscape


On the route we have laid out, we will visit prehistoric sites and dolmens, medieval churches and monuments, as well as architectural landmarks declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, not to mention the folk culture of the places and people we are going to visit.

In this section, viticulture, the Culture of Wine, will play a major part in our journey since we find ourselves in two of the greatest wine producing regions of the world: Bordeaux and Rioja.

And there will also be time to stop and try another label: Txakoli, a white wine produced

from vineyards which snake along the hills of the Basque coast.


We are in southern Europe, where people know how to cook and appreciate fine food. We are in the southwest of France, an area of extraordinary gastronomic fame. And we are in the Basque Country where we might say gastronomy is synonymous with everyday life, where eating has indeed become an art.

In the ranking of regions of France with the most Michelin-starred restaurants, the French Basque country is second only to Paris. Moreover, San Sebastian and its surrounding

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