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Kukua Tours

KuKuaTours is a company of guides and touristic services with proven experience in the world of public relations and the organization of conferences, festivals and other events at a both local and international level.

World famous film and music personalities have been our guests: we have served artists and musicians of the stature of Mark Knofler, Carlos Santana, Leonard Cohen, Eric Burdon, Jackson Browne, and groups such as AC–DC, Supertramp, Iron Maiden..., when they have come to music or film festivals

in our cities or to appear on television programs. We also had worked for National Geographic Society Magazine.

Now we want to convey our know-how by receiving our guests as we did the stars we have mentioned.

We are based in the epicenter of the part of the world we want to show, we know the idiosyncrasies of the people and their culture. We aim for our clients to take back a pleasant and outstanding memory of these lands we love so much.

We offer our services to any travel agent or tour operator who might be interested in this type of tour, the above shown 12 Days Itinerary Tour, as well as to associations and entities related with the hotel and restaurant industry, companies which offer travel perks, architectural study tours... and so on.

Besides that main tour, we also provide a week long tours of different subjects for clients wishing those options, as well as Personal guide services that you can book them on line.

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