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Make your own trip

Although we believe that the itinerary and length of the tour prepared by KuKua Tours is the best way to obtain a comprehensive understanding of these two wine-growing regions and the Basque coast, we are open to changes. Some groups of clients may want a longer or shorter tour, depending on their interests and the amount of time they have available.

Building on the foundation of the main 12-day tour, we can examine the different possibilities for each tour group and adapt to the tastes and needs of each of them. In a word: we design tours à la carte.

Here at KuKua Tours we have no objection to adapting to the best possible calendar for clients wishing to make this trip.

We can organize tours lasting 4, 5…or 7 days instead of the 12 days anticipated.

• Some itineraries only cover the French half of the tour: Bordeaux, Medoc, Saint Emilion, Sauternes and the French Basque Country, reaching Biarritz.

• Other itineraries only cover the Spanish part of the itinerary, including Bilbao, Rioja, the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve and San Sebastian, and conclude in Biarritz.

• It is possible to dedicate more days to gastronomy, with fewer chateaux and winery visits.

• An itinerary devoted less to gastronomy and more days spent on the world of wine, including alternative visits to vineyards in hot-air balloons, some professional wine-tasting courses, etc.

• The intermediary or travel agency whose client is making the request should contact KuKua Tours with the information, and we will send a response with a modified itinerary that includes the days, places, schedule and budget specified.

It is also the agency or intermediary who determines the clients’ arrival and departure city. Options include:

A) Arrival and departure to/from Bordeaux or Bilbao

B) Arrival in Bordeaux and departure from Bilbao, or vice-versa (arrival in Bilbao and departure from Bordeaux).

There are also airports in Biarritz and San Sebastian that could be used as arrival or departure points for the travelers.

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