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DAY 10



- Visit Iron/Bronze age village

- Introduction to olive oil

- Wine History Museum

- Regional food lunch

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> After breakfasting at the hotel and packing our bags, we will leave the medieval town of Laguardia and begin the day close by, visiting an archaeological site. The remains are of a village from the Iron and Bronze Ages that was inhabited in the first millenium B.C., and the small on-site museum shows how our ancestors lived in that epoch.

Later, we will chose one of two alternatives for that day.

A)  Introduction to the World of Olive Oil.

We visit a village where olive oil is produced.  First of all, we go to the olive groves to learn

about the different varieties of olives.  Then, we return to the village to visit a family-owned press to see how olive oil is actually made.  Just as happens in a winery, a tasting session follows and the visit ends with the opportunity to try tapas marinated in olive oil.

B)   We will go to one of the wineries that is a must-see in this region, one of the most impressive avant-garde wineries in existence. Built on the top of a hill, it is the work of French architect Phillippe Mazières, who successfully combined the concepts of mankind, nobility and modernity using concrete, wood and stainless steel; it is a true allegory of the world of wine. Part of the winery is concealed inside the hill...

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