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Saint Emilion

- Historic Château

- Lunch with the family

- City tour

- Petrus

- Dinner at a *Michelin Rest.

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> Breakfast at the hotel and we then go to Saint-Emilion, a medieval city which in 1999 was also declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the vineyards surrounding it (the first such case in the world). This is the most famous European wine-producing region, steeped in wine making history.


> More than 100 châteaux wineries open their doors to the public; choosing which to visit is not easy. We are going to visit the most historic among them, such as the château where the peace treaty ending the Hundred Years’ War between England and France

was signed in 1453, or those that boast the most majestic architecture and wine cellars, whether because of their modernity or because of their location in underground catacombs, or simply those that are the most famous wineries in the world.


As on the previous day, we will visit one or two different wineries and enjoy wine-tasting sessions there, afterwards heading to a third, family-owned property where we will have lunch in the garden or near the fireplace in the living room. We may also choose to go to the famous bar à vin bistros located in the heart of the city, on streets lined with medieval buildings.

> With our appetites sated, we will visit some of the city’s sites.

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