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Saint Emilion


- Graves Wine Route

- Lunch at family château

- Sauternes visit

- Dinner ** Michelin Rest.

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> After preparing our baggage we will take a short farewell tour of the city, for photos, shopping, etc. Then we will leave on the bus, heading for another of the major areas of the Bordeaux wine region, the vineyards of Graves and Sauterne, the white wine region that produces dry, fruity and sweet or strong varieties.


> We will begin the visit at the Graves information center, where they will explain the secrets of how these white wines are produced. Special attention will be given to the sauternes which, thanks to the microclimate in this area, develop Botrytis Cinerea

fungus, noble rot, making it possible to produce wines containing up to 21% alcohol. After the presentation we will have the opportunity to see if we have understood the lesson well at a tasting session of the wines mentioned.

> From there we will continue to a charismatic chateau of the region, a family estate where wine has been produced for 8 generations—the oldest winery in the area. It belongs to the De Pontac family and it is the Count of Pontac himself who receives visitors. After visiting the wine cellar and its small museum with old wine presses, we will taste their wines and tickle our palates with typical regional products that will be prepared for us.

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