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San Sebastián


- Getaria

- Txakoli Route

- Fish Rest.

- Balenciaga Museum

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> For those of you who enjoy trying different things, we will rent some bicycles and take a morning ride along the city’s three lovely beaches, going to breakfast at a place with magnificent views over the bay.


Later we get ready for a little excursion to a fishing village 20 kilometers from Donostia/San Sebastian: Getaria. There we will spend the day learning about the arts of preparing fish and txakoli (“cha-ko-lee”), the white wine with the Basque Country designation of origin. We are in the heart of the Getariko Txakoliña designation of origin; txakoli is a fruity white wine with a natural

effervescence. It is obtained from vines planted close to the sea. There will be a short bus tour through the vineyards and family wineries, and we will stop at one of them to see the winery and have a wine tasting with some seafood, prepared on the spot, which pairs so well with this wine.


Along with txakoli wine, Getaria is known for its restaurants. Few places in the world prepare fish as well as they do here (there are people who fly in to eat fish in Getaria and then return home). Following a walk through the fishing port we will sit down to eat at one of these restaurants to sample the fish, prepared using a wide variety of recipes.

Getaria is also the birthplace of Juan Sebastián de Elcano;...

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