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San Sebastián


- Popular Market

- Private gastronomic club

- Travel to La Rioja

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> The morning will be dedicated to an activity with deep roots in this area. This is the preparation of a meal in one of the private gastronomic clubs, in a txoko, one of the many that exist in San Sebastian and the surrounding region. Until recently only men could be members of these clubs and there are still a few where this is the case.


> Now women can come to these clubs but they still cannot cook there. We will do the same: while the women in the group use the morning to have a walk and visit the city, the men will assume the responsibility of making a

shopping trip to the local market and cooking for the whole group. The results will be judged by the satisfied expressions of everyone eating the meal!


> After this gastronomic adventure, we will collect the baggage and get underway, travelling to the remaining important wine-producing region included in this trip: RIOJA. This Designation of Origin covers 64,000 hectares of land and produces 400 million kilograms of grapes which are made into 250 million liters of wine, of which the overwhelming majority is red. This tremendous volume of production is the work of the 1,200 wineries dedicated to this art here.


The approximately 2-hour trip...

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