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Rioja (Laguardia)

- Visit to medieval monuments

- Marqués de Riscal Winery

- Spa

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>Breakfast at the hotel and we begin the day by visiting two monuments, both of them architectural gems of the town of Laguardia:

The Santa María de Los Reyes church, which was begun in the 12th century in a Lombard Romanesque style and completed in the 17th century with multiple styles. The crown jewel of this temple is its gothic entryway, done in stone at the end of the 14th century, with perfectly preserved polychrome decoration dating from the 17th century. It is one of a kind.
Right outside the church of Santa Maria, to the right, we find the Abacial Tower. This

tower of military origin was build in the 13th century, and for six centuries it was joined to the church by a corridor. Today it is the belltower for Santa Maria de los Reyes. From atop the tower there are wonderful views of all the surrounding vineyards and the impressive Cantabrian mountain range, which protects the whole region from the north winds.

> Once we have finished visiting the tower, we will walk over to a distinctive place that can also be categorized as a monument. It is a small underground winery that is 7 meters down, under a 17th-century palace. It is one of only two wine cellars out of the 300 found beneath the city that still processes its wines within the walled enclave of Laguardia in a traditional way, and with grapes from their own vineyards...

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