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- Wellcome at the airport

- Guided visit to the city

- Dinner on the Garona River

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> You will be met at the airport and then taken to the hotel, where you can rest until mid-afternoon to get over your travel fatigue or jet lag.


> Once you are settled in your rooms and have rested, we will meet in the hotel lobby to go over our itinerary for the coming days, to answer any questions or doubts that you may have about the tour, and to get to know each other. If anyone of the group has a special request before we begin our itinerary, this will be the time to make it known.

> Guided tour of the city of Bordeaux, wine capital of the world, declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 2007, followed by dinner in a charming restaurant on the banks of the Garonne River with a night-time view of the city.


> Return to hotel.